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We cover a wide range of items arriving at all ports in the U.S., both local and nationwide using a Remote Location Filing (RLF) system.

Our services include:

  - Customs clearing (ocean, air, truck and rail shipments in all U.S. ports)
  - Arranging Drayage to any U.S. destination
  - Securing Customs Bonds

Examples of items we can provide Customs brokerage for:

  - TIB / Carnet
  - ISF (10+2)
  - Live, Fresh Seafood, Animals, Foodstuffs, and Live Plants
  - Textile Fabrics
  - Wearing Apparels
  - Chemicals
  - Cosmetics
  - Electronics
  - Personal Effects
  - In-Bonds
  - Footwears, Hair Wigs, Beauty Supplies, Steel, Dry Cleaning Supplies, Furnitures
    Automobiles & Auto Parts, All Kinds of Accessories, & ETC.

Note! All the entries requiring approvals from Other Government Agencies (OGA) are handled in an expert manner. Some of the OGA we deal with include the FDA, FCC, Fish & Wildlife and USDA/APHIS.